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Coffee Palace
Coffee Palace
Coffee Palace
Corner of Hay & Sussex Streets, Haymarket.
View diagonally from the corner of Hay & Sussex showing the almost completed Coffee Palace with rooftop structure under construction. Streets busy with workmen, delivery carts and pedestrians. Part of a sequence of photographs taken to record the construction of the Coffee Palace, from ground clearing June 1913) to completion (April 1914). The Great Western Coffee Palace was designed by the City Architect and built by the Sydney City Council as a 'temperance hotel' , on land resumed for slum clearance. It became a licensed hotel in 1916, and was converted into the Kien Hay Centre / Burlington Centre (431 - 439 Sussex St), containing retail and offices, in the 1980s.
11 March 1914
Black and white photographic print in album. Glass plate original negatives also exist for many images in this series. For reference and copy purposes we hold a 35mm aperture card, and a high-res digital copy of this image.
NSCA CRS 51, Demolition Books, 1900-1949
NSCA CRS 51/3098
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