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There are 3 ways of searching the Image Library:

Keywords only

Enter a word or a number of words into the Keyword Search. If you enter multiple words you need to choose from the Search Option buttons - either:

Search all the words or The exact phrase or Any of the words.


To find pictures showing scenes of children at school enter children school in the Keyword Search box.

The Keyword Search searches across the following fields in the database file number, title, description, date, photographer, keywords, topic, suburb, decade, collection and place.

Decade, Suburb, Topic

Choose from one or more of the drop down boxes and this will search only in the relevant field decade, suburb or topic.


To find all the photos of Peppermint Grove in the 1920s, under Suburb - select Peppermint Grove and Decade - select 1920s.

Combination search

You can enter a keyword in the search box and select from the drop down boxes. Make sure you then choose the Search Option - all of the words.


To find all the pictures of the river in Mosman Park Cottesloe enter River in Keyword Search and select Mosman Park from the Suburb box. Select Search Option search all of the words.